Professor Bricker's Portal Into The Past

I have finally perfected my time portal. We can open a small window, of no more than an hour’s duration, to any time and place in the past that we can specifiy relative to today and to the Earth’s surface. Unfortunately, we can do this but once before the flux capacitor burns out.

This is a window, not a door. We can see, but we can’t visit or interact.

What should we use our one opportunity to observe? Can we pick something that will make us enough money to buy new flux capacitor components? Or shall we selflessly take the hit and document of great historical (but non-profit-making) event via videocam?

Why not do both an get video of the JFK assination proving exactly who killed him millions would pay to see the proof and you also can count it as an even of great historical importance.

You couldf make a huge amount from documenting the right moments.

The Crucifiction stands out.
The Assassination of Julius Caesar

The Eruption of Santorini (Krakatoa would be a good sideshow)
The Fall of the Tungusk Meteorite
The Fall of the Dinosaur-Killer
Robert Silverburg suggested The Assassination of Huey Long and The Opening of Justinian’s Palace
The Execution or the Trial of Socrates
Anything with Moses

The resurrection would be better.
How about
The last few hours of the life of Marilyn Monroe or Elvis.

What I want is the true pronounciation of the Divine Name, from the First Temple period in Jerusalem, ca. 1000 BCE. Then we’ll need a lot of paleolinguists to update the vowels from ancient Hebrew to modern Hebrew.

I’d want to identify the Zodiac killer. Solve something unsolved, you know?

By the way, Bricker, somewhere in my ex-wife’s basement, I’ve got a a few capacitors, and also some flux. Just sayin’.

Yeah, I’d be inclined to go with the Resurrection, except that since I don’t think it actually happened, it’d be a rather expensive “I told you so!” to millions of people who would rationalize it away, claim we were lying or mistaken or otherwise not give a shit.

How about the last hour of a date I had a few years ago with whats-her-name, that blonde hottie I met in Cancun – after a night of dancing, we ended up making hot, sweaty, beautiful love on the beach…that was a night to remember…

…actually, that’ll only take up about 7 minutes, so that’ll leave us with 53 more for whatever.
Actually, I might have made that night up, and going back to re-visit it will expose my deception, so on second though, forget it. How about the first hour after the big bang?

Marilyn maybe, but I’m not all that keen on seeing Elvis take a dump. :smiley:

Here’s the problem with the Crucifixion, or the Resurrection: when, exactly, do we focus PBTP? The “where” is no problem; we know exactly on which hill the cross was placed.

But when? We can’t hunt and peck; we have only one one-hour shot.

Now, the assassination of JFK – that’s a good example of knowing both where and when. But it’s a gamble… suppose it shows Oswald acting alone. Are people really going to pay money to see it?

The first hour after the big bang? Can’t… no Planet Earth to focus our coordinates. (Unless the big bang you’re talking about was WITH the blonde hottie in Cancun, that is…) :smiley:

Forget the crucifixion or resurrection. I want to see the ascension. THAT would be awesome. But yeah, getting a fix for that one hour window might be tricky.

Bricker, is this window a fixed view or can we see around in all directions?

How about three hours ago, in my dining room.

Then the world would finally know the answer to that burning question: Where the fuck did I put my keys?

The point from which you’re viewing is fixed, but we can pan 360[sup]o[/sup]. So if we were looking at, say, the front of the White House, we could pan behind us and see Lafayette Park. We couldn’t see the BACK of the White House.

Those huge volcanic eruptions would be out, they took place over hours and days, and you ain’t going to see much anyway unless you can do this in a geostationary satellite.

Me, I’d open it up for bidders, let the world decide - for a price.

If we had longer than an hour, I’d say the Constitutional Convention – we could film “original intent.”

If we’re dealing with unsolved mysteries, how about the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman? I’ll bet OJ Simpson would pay for the whole thing, just to find the actual killer!


OHhhhh I know what would make money!

Diana’s car crash!

Especially if you edited the video to show one of the paparazzi pull off a latex mask, revealing QE2 underneath, and sold it to Dodi Fayed.

I’d like to see performances by Sarah Bernhardt, Salvini, Farinelli, Liszt, Mozart, and others who were supposed to be one of a kind performers but who were either dead or their careers long climaxed before film and sound recordings.

What’d be really cool would be if the killer was Bonnie Blake (Robert’s late wife).

Yes, or one of Manson’s family who’s still loyal and under the influence of Charlie.

Or even Roman Polanski who was getting revenge for Sharon Tate.

I’d thought about the Gettysburg Address, or the signing of the Magna Carta (might be tough to get the right hour there) but I can’t see a huge monetary payoff. I like the idea of solving an unsolved case… frankly, I don’t think too many people would be surprised at what we filmed at OJ’s house, though.