Program a cell phone to automatically send photos to home computer?

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How do you program your cell phone to automatically send photos to your home computer? I’m assuming only certain phones can do this, as I’m pretty sure mine can’t. Does anybody else do this with their phone?

I don’t know what phones automatically do it but it’s certainly possible. My iPhone won’t do it out of the box, but there may be a photo app that can and mine is “jailbroken” which means I can run unauthorized programs on it. I could write a script to be ran every few minutes to send the photos with my home computer if I wanted. The smartphones these days are like having a small computer in your pocket. It’s just a matter if finding the right program to do it or find a workaround.

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I doubt that the phone is actually sending them directly to the home PC.

Some phones come with services which push your pix to the cell carriers’ website. For “convenience” in sharing photos with friends. Which also means every shot causes an additional charge on your data plan. Very convenient for the carrier. And the home user can then browse to the carrier’s site & retrieve them.

The other alternative is the phone is auto-emailing them to an address. And the homeu ser is then using their email client or webmail to download the mail & see the pix.

I guess I had just assumed that the phone was emailing it automatically. I still can’t do that automatically with my cell phone.

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