My phone is driving me crazy- won't someone think of the kitties?

I have a confession to make. I once committed a heinous offense on the Straight Dope Message Board. I started a cat thread, and didn’t post any pictures.

The reason for this is that I took pictures of those particular cats with my cell phone, and I wasn’t sure how to upload them.

Last week I found out- silly me- that you don’t upload phone pictures, you email them. So far, so good. I could send myself the pictures, and expiate my sin.

Natuarally, the phone isn’t having any of that.

I sent the pictures to two different addresses. Neither has arrived. I can’t think what I’m doing wrong- I click “send this picture”, put in my email, and a message comes up saying everything was sent. Liar. I think I’ve tried this about twelve different times, to no avail. Maybe I need to put in a sender email address, but I can’t find any way to put one in. I refuse to be thwarted by a lacksidaisical Nokia. (No idea what type of Nokia. It doesn’t say).

PS. The person who figures it out gets PM’d their very own kitty pixs.

your sender address is built in.
phonenumber@carrier’s email server

phone mail is generally very slow. Wait 2 hours or so.

I’ve waited a week.

Does the phone have Bluetooth? If so, the “send” should let you send via Bluetooth rather than email.

Any phone I’ve owned recently will also allow file transfers using the (hopefully supplied) USB cable.

Does your phone have a slot for a tiny memory card? If so, you can transfer the pix to the card and then put it in a card reader connected to your computer. If not, call your service provider and ask them how to send it.

I… I think so. Somewhere. I’m not a techish person. Pretty much everything except dialing numbers I figured out by accident. Um, there may be a manuel lurking in the house somewhere.

I guess this cell thing is more complicated than I thought.

Again, call your service provider and ask for tech support or something. They will walk you through it. Send them a kitty picture.

Maybe the problem is on the receiving end.

Do your email accounts have spam filters? You may need to “whitelist” the addy the cell phone is sending from.

Just a WAG, hoping to score some kitteh pr0n :slight_smile:

Don’t you need a data plan to send email from your phone? I’ve never had a phone that could send things via email without a data plan (other than very short messages via SMS gateway). They can almost all receive email (as SMS), but AFAIK sending is another matter.

I have a few ways that I get pictures out of my phone.

  1. I take out the microSD card, put it in the thingy that adapts it to an SD card and then I put the SD card into my computer.

  2. I use my phone to email. My Lotus has a tab to get to google quickly so I use my email to send it to someone else’s email.

  3. I send a picture message to an email or another phone.

  4. I text it to photobucket.

  5. I go to the Sprint pictures website and log in with my phone number. This allows me to view any pics saved on my phone. I can then upload them to photobucket or facebook. This is, by far, my favorite method. It’s the easiest and the fastest. It also allows me to see pics I’ve sent and pics I’ve received.
    As far as the phone and plan,

I have an LG Lotus (the best phone I’ve ever had - and the easiest to use).

I have the Sprint plan with everything unlimited. I can’t remember it’s exact name.

Your phone and your plan may be limiting you.