Program to measure dowloaded/uploaded bits?

I’ve been reading lately how the two major broadband providers in my area are about to impose download/upload caps on bitrate, and so I was wondering if anyone can tell me of any program that I can download that will run in the background and measure how much traffic comes into and goes out of the system over the course of a month? Ideally, it should have an interface that tells you:

Amount downloaded: ___ Mb
Amount Uploaded :___ Mb
Days logged: _________

Search around for a program called NetMedic. It may do what you want.

If you’re using ZoneAlarm, it shows the bytes uploaded and downloaded for your current session in the Alerts section of its control panel.

Of course, you could always run netstat -e at a command prompt, if you’re running a Microsoft OS. Resets on reboots though.

Try DUmeter, at Does exactly what you are looking for.

Thanks. This might do the trick man.