Programming a TI-83/TI-83+

My problem is that I would like the user to input a name and then use that name as the name for a list that the program will generate. How can I do this? Everything I have tried has failed.

Is there anyway to take a user created string and turn it into the name of a list?

I’ve spent about 2 hours working on this, and I just can’t get it to work either (I got through high school math by writing programs, too, so I have plenty of experience.) I tried storing the input as a string, but I can’t use SetUpEditor to create LStr1 without getting a Syntax Error. I imagine that it can be made to work somehow, but I can’t get it to.

That said, why is the list name so important anyway? Why can’t you just assign a name in the program and use that?

I’m trying to write a list generator. Basically a shortcut to making a long list. I’d like to add the feature of allowing the user to create his own name for the list.

The Texas Instrument website has a very knowledgeable discussion group that can answer any question you could possible come up with. Awhile back I went there for some info on a TI 89 and was absolutely amazed at their expertise.