Progressive rock back?

I’m of the old school, pre Dark Side Pink Floyd etc. But I notice some newer bands like Phish and Morphine seem to be continuing from where the 70’s bands left off. What bands would you put in this category?

There seem to be some metal bands that are also hanging on the edge of progressive rock.

Tribute bands, like Genesis clones, I have no interest in. I listen to the old stuff, but for you kiddos, I think it’s time to move on.

Dream Theater absolutely rules when it comes to progressive rock and yes I know about the 60’s and 70’s bands that were great at the genre too. Progressive rock will never be back until Dream Theater gets the respect due to them. Sorry, it is just the truth.

phish is a jam band like string cheese incident, and gov’t mule (i think) and several others…
they are kinda following in the grateful dead.

id label those as “Jam Bands”

progressive rock is like dream theater…

i think its great that these bands are coming back so to speak

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Some suggestions:

Dream Theater
Fates Warning
Shadow Gallery
Spocks Beard
Red Jasper
The Tea Party (my new favourite, has to include it :slight_smile: )
Savatage (although this would be tending towards hard rock, it is progressive rock too, IMHO)

All around and releasing, all very progressive. And there’s of course Rush, who will eternally be a category of their own.


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  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

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