"Prohibida Su Venta"

I thought I’d already asked this question last night, but maybe I’d simply dreamt it all while drooling on the keyboard.:

Can I sell these “Musart,” Primeria," and “Balboa” “promo compacts” that they gave out to DJs about a decade ago to promote minor Spanish-language recording artitists, who range from “I-don’t-know” to “I-don’t-know” in style becase I don’t have the stomach to listen to them, at this hour, let a alone describe them–some kind of modern norteno or whatever.

Does “Prohidibida su venta” mean I can’t sell them at all? Somebody surely might like to hear them or play them; otherwise I can only throw them away. Could I possibly sell them on Ebay?

Your thread’s right here dude.