"Prohibida Su Venta"

I have a bunch of “promo compacts”: CDs with one-time moderately popular music produced on the Musart label in Mexico about a decade ago. Most of them vary from four to 12 songs each. They were obviously given out to DJs in the Southwest to promote artists who I find unbearable to listen to, let alone describe. But surely someone out there must like this type of music, or at least have an interest in collecting it.

Question: They all say “Prohibida Su Venta.” Does that mean I can’t sell them on Ebay in the United States? Or is this prohibition relegated to Mexico? Obviously no DJ is going to bother to play them here today, except as a kind of nostalgia joke.

I’d be happy to list the artists and their titles, but I’m more curious to know if I should try it on Ebay, or just hunt around for someone in the Southwest.

N.B. I can’t say they’re all “bad.” In fact, some my even be hits. I just don’t have the patience to listen to them all.

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Why haven’t you put in my quote? That’s why I lurked for years perfor posting. You’ve always got some technicial problem which isn’t worth my time. I’ll try again:

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I’m mystified by the above posting sequence, yet bizarrely intrigued.

I’m thinking that maybe when they were originally given to the DJs that the phrase meant that they had to be given, not sold.

But I don’t speak Espanol.

Yes, as the probably don’t say in France, ce qui la fuck?

Way back when, I used to see lots of promo discs for sale in independent record stores, and the owners never got into trouble for it. Of course, the music industry has changed since then.

I’ve heard some of this “southwestern” music you speak of, and as an officer in the United States Military, I can assure you that selling this to anyone who owns sufficiently-large speakers violates the Geneva Conventions (“no mental torture”) as well as the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment (“cruel and unusual punishment”). :smiley:

Seriously, though, I’ve seen these in used record stores all the time. You can sell them - if your conscience will allow you to take money for that awful awful noise!

To sum up what is being said, the “Not for commercial sale” on promo CDs is more along the lines of wishful thinking.

Whoever received them firrst may have been contractually obligated not to sell them. But since you received them without any type of contract, you can do what you want with them.

Eighth Amendment is cruel and unusual punishment. Fourth Amendment is search and seizure.

I apologize to all for the idiotic ways in which I have posted here. If anyone has any suggestion as to how I can make up for it, just name it. (I’m pretty opened minded.)

Otto, please don’t allow yourself to be too mystified by the above posting. Obviously someone is being overworked by innane, freelance ghostwriting, (namely, myself), and it has resulted in some pretty silly–if not simply stupid–posting.

Jurph :slight_smile: Thanks for making up for what was otherwise a completely miserable day. I own you one. And my conscience is nothing. It’s my wallet that calls out to me now.

To everyone else, muchisimas gracias. I’ll give it a try on Ebay. If my posting stops before my subscription runs out, you can blame it on the Federales.

You can start making up for it by explaining exactly what led to what we saw above.

'Cuz I’m still completely mystified. :slight_smile:

I apologize sincerely that the way I posted was indeed mystifying. It seems that my computer or web browser or something sometimes does weird things that I don’t quite understand.

For years I tried to register and post and was always rejected for some reason which was never really explained by either the SDMB or my computer.

And it seemed to happen again with that particular post, so I got frustrated and thought it was happening again. It was not a very nice way to speak to the readers of the board and I apologize again, especially since quite a few very kind people answered my quesions very graciously.

But it seems things are working okay now.

Aha! I guess this would be a good time to say “Welcome to the boards!”

Now, with the legalities & welcomes out of the way, I’d like to ask what genre of música this is. Ranchera? Norteña? Something (gulp) worse? I admit a certain fondness to some of it and I might be interested. Even just the artist names, or a link to your auction, would be appreciated.

Well, you never did list the band names…

Well thank you very much! As I’ve said in other threads, I’ve been reading the Dope since the 70s, but when it went on line and I tried to register, it never seemed to go through. After paying the 14 bucks, I figure I’d better at least post a thing or two.

I will try to get together a list as soon as possible, and will (gulp :slight_smile: ) listen to some of it. I’ve just been busy recently.

Don’t “gulp” if you like this stuff. In fact, the more you appreciate it, the cheaper I’d sell it. To each his own, and if I can pass on some music which is enjoyable to at least someone, the happer I am.

I personally love ranchera, but hate nortena (myabe because I grew up in San Diego?). And I don’t really care for what gets referred to as “cumbia” in Central America and Mexico, (though I love some of Selena’s cumbia, which I guess can be called “Texan”) that doesn’t come from Colombia, where “proper” cumbia is produced. (Have you ever heard Toto la Mompasina?) I remember the scene from the Selena movie where she’s with her mother in Corpus Cristi, and says something about cumbia being from “across” there, never mentioning Colombia at all.

Anyway, Bambi, I’ll try to get the list together as soon as possible. Send me a message if you’d like any more immediate details.

That was hilarious.
British promo CDs often say ‘not for resale’ either…but no one ever takes a blind bit of notice.

Wow. A universe of music that I know Absolutely Nothing about. It’s like my complete lack of knowledge about Wisconsin before I went there: I don’t even have any references to link it to. What’s it like?

P.S: when I eventually reached Wisconsin, I liked it. :slight_smile: