Prohibition exemption?

Back in the first quarter of the 20th century, Prohibition banned alcohol. The Catholics, Jews, and presumably other faiths, have wine in their religeous services. Did church/state separation protect them from being raided every Sabbath, or did the Government just look the other way?


All these beer and liquor companies, established in the 1800s, how did they keep afloat during Prohibition?

Prohibition was targeted primarily at hard liquor, rather than wine.

Moreover, Title II, Sec. 3 of the Volstead Act, passed by Congress under the authority to the Eighteenth Amendment to enforce Prohibition, specifically exempted religious wine:

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Certain breweries switched to other products. IBC, for instance, began making root beer at that time, and it sold so well they never went back to brewing beer.

I has a prohibition era liquor prescription form so you could get some from a doctor. I don’t know how it worked in practice as far quantity or type of liquor goes.