Project Greenlight: Feast

I wanted a brainless movie but Protector was out of the theaters, so I saw it last night, not excpecting much. And I was pleasantly surprised. Will it win awards, be hailed as a stunning leap forward in horror movies, toasted as a groundbreaking achievement by a fresh young talent? No.

But it is fun, and funny, and watchable. The dialogue is good, the performances are solid and the characters are fairly well fleshed out. Young Gulager does pretty well his first time out, and I’ll be surprised if this doesn’t make some money. Also, good eye candy for the guys with three beautiful women AND something that should, if you’re like me, be amusing enough to make the movie worthwhile:

Henry Rollins in pink sweatpants :eek: :smiley:

I watched the tv show, so I’ll check out the movie on DVD. I’m still going in with very low expectations, but your reaction makes me a little less wary.

Granted, I ALSO rented Dark Asylum, Bride of Re-Animator, and Screamers for fun, so perhaps my opinion shouldn’t be taken without some salt as to my taste in movies.

BTW DA and Screamers really are two great low-budget movies IMHO.

I own Screamers on DVD (we’re talking the P. K. Dick adaptation, right?), so our tastes intersect there at least.

I glad to hear this movie is getting generally positive reviews. The show made it look like the filming was a complete disaster. I wonder if they exaggerated the problems or if all film sets appear that chaotic.