Project Megiddo

Has anyone read about this?

The FBI at it again…

Project Megiddo

Apparently it won’t even be made public.

Its about watching for extremist religous groups to cause trouble at the milleneum.

If you can’t convince them, confuse them.
Harry S. Truman

You’re a big X-Files fan, aren’t you…

Yer pal,

Watch out! The streets will be filled with violent investment bankers! Hey, they attach signifigance to the year 2000… Oh, and watch out for all those drunk college students come the new year.

It’s his favorite news magazine. Right before “Hard Copy” and “60 Minutes”. In that order.

What are you talking about, it won’t be made public? I read an article about this in Newsweek a bit ago. Can’t get much more public than that. A cult researcher said that he(?) was surprised that there wasn’t very much really happening in the way of millenialism in the US, and there isn’t a lot to worry about.
Although earlier this year, Israel deported a group of millenialist Christians who wanted to, in their words “make violence in the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem.” It’s happening, but unless you plan on being like, AT Har Megiddo (it’s near Haifa, if you’re interested), I don’t think you, I, or the FBI has much to worry about.


I dunno about you, but armageddon tired of all these false crisis warnings! :slight_smile: