Muslim Violent Extremism?

Let’s PLEASE not make the concentration camp mistake again.

It would mean that we haven’t learned shit.




Can we get just a little more, so we can connect the dots, and know what you’re talking about?

What concentration camps? Where? What do concentration camps have to do with Muslim extremism?

Need more, please.

Turn on your television.

Sorry to be so blunt, but turn on your television.


My television is on thanks, I see and hear nothing about Muslim concentration camps.

I see a guy talking about fighting militant Islam in America. What am I missing?

Is it a secret? Is there some reason you just can’t tell us the point you’re trying to make?

If you don’t want to discuss, whatever this is about, why did you start this thread? To tell us to turn on our tv’s and figure it out for ourselves?

Colour me confused.

I’m out.


Don’t worry about it.

Nothing’s wrong.

I started the thread because it invites me to do so.

Why did YOU decide to respond?

I don’t have a television and my radio doesn’t work. Has something happen?

Because I thought you’d give us a little more to go on, some insight into what you’re talking about.

Is it Gitmo? Haven’t we already made that mistake, a long while ago?



Something hasn’t “happen” happened, but it may.

Try to keep up and don’t leave it to someone like me (without a brain) to make you aware.


Jesus! “Mundane Pointless Stuff…” means nothing to you, I reckon?



Nobody’s talking about concentration camps. A congressman wants to investigate the possibility that jihadist imams are radicalizing significant numbers of young Muslims in America. Given the events of the past eleven years, this is a perfectly reasonable thing to be concerned about, and gathering information about it is not something that should alarm anyone. This isn’t even remotely likely to end in concentration camps for Muslims or anyone else.

He’s talking about this. Peter King ironically launches hearings to investigate American Muslims while defending his ties to the IRA.