King hearings under way.

Peter King’s Muslim bashing hearings are underway. Not much to say yet except that Keith Ellison was amazing.

Links and filling in the story a bit would be nice, don’tcha think?

What’s the debate?

The King has no clothes.

I’m talking about the Congressional hearings that are going on live right now which are ostensibly intended to investigate the threat of “homegrown” Islamic terrorism, but which are really stacked just to present a series of cherry-picked Muslim bashing witnesses, exclude testimony and witnesses contrary to King’s pre-ordained conclusions and essentially try to create a fiction that American Muslims are traitors covering up terrorist plots and to terrify Whitey into thinking that Middle America is on the brink of destruction from a Mussulman threat that only the Republicans can save us from.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the first and only Muslim ever elected to the US Congress, gave a moving opening statement during which he broke down while telling the story of a Muslim man who died trying to rescue victims on 9/11, but who was still subsequently demonized as probably having been in on the plot (I hope I have the gist of that right. There’s probably video somewhere). In any case, it was a very effective statement by Ellison, after which Peter King declared that no one else would be allowed to give opening statements.

I put it in GD because it’s a highly political topic which people are bound to argue about, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with any elections.

Well, I hope they’ll be addressing the imminent threat of Sharia Law being imposed on the US by our allegedly Christian president.

You forgot about the need to keep the Feds too busy to track any further support from King to his old Irish Republican Army buds.

It sounds like a pointless excercise in bigotry. I suppose the debate could be whether there is any justification for these hearings.

I kind of assumed it would get there. I’m sure somebody will defend them.

Nitpick, there’s also Andre Carson from Indiana’s seventh district. In 2008 he became the second Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress.

Kings right!, they are taking over!

Thank you. I did not know that. I stand corrected.

Well, I’m not worried. The Tennessee legislature is considering a bill to outlaw Sharia law, so we’ll be perfectly safe here.

Umm, you’re forgetting the second prong to “all brown people are terrorists,” which is that only brown people can be terrorists, stupid.

Here’s a good article about it, with video:

I’m so glad I got to vote for him!

Isn’t this King the same guy that unapologetically supported the IRA?

How soon they forget.

Yes - and Peter King sees no problem at all with it because the IRA was small and localized, whereas Al Qaeda is attacking the US.

Thanks, asshole. Nice to know my family and friends are of no value. Good to see your impression of the ‘Special Relationship.’

On a side note, King is supposed to be an arch-conservative and yet he supported an organization (the IRA) that was, if not Marxist in political orientation, certainly very left wing. You almost have to admire someone who’s managed to live with this cognitive dissonance for so long.

Their political agenda isn’t relevant. King’s of Irish descent and his district is in central Long Island, so there are probably a lot of Irish-American families there and few to no Muslims. The Irish are OK, the Muslims aren’t. The end.

That’s an amazing story from Ellison and I hadn’t heard it before. I was going to compare it to “Have you no decency, sir?” but that would be a bit overblown, and King would have asked if decency was some kind of radical Islamic doctrine.

Indeed it is. The same IRA that happily blew up pubs and massacred innocent civilians with machine guns. The same IRA supported by Ghaddafi. Also known for running drugs. That IRA.

See, if you’re supporting white people who blow up and shoot innocent civilians, that’s okay. The problem with Muslim terrorists isn’t that they have the nerve to blow up and shoot innocent civilians without being white.