Project Veritas gets their homes searched

Because of a diary purportedly from President Biden’s youngest daughter.

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I’m curious to hear the details about how this diary was “abandoned”.

Yeah, this was my favorite bit in the article:

Ultimately, Project Veritas did not publish information from the diary, in part because the group could not determine if it belonged to Ashley Biden, or if the information was authentic, he said.

Kind of tells us everything we need to know about this caper.

“In the video, O’Keefe says that his group was contacted late last year by “tipsters” who had claimed to have a copy of Ashley Biden’s diary.”

Not only am I surprised that people still keep diaries, but they have copies, too. Well now.
Anyway, where do conservatives get off being in the same room with a word like “veritas”?

I don’t understand. Not publishing something because it can’t be authenticated seems like the ethical thing to do. How is that a problem?

That’s not the problem. It’s the fact that they even purported to have such a thing without having authenticated it. Rumors and innuendo are fine propaganda techniques.

Every diary I’ve ever seen has a lock. Even if they had access to this purported diary, how did they open it without the key?!

I’ve never seen a lock on a diary that would prevent the diary from being opened by anyone willing to do minor damage to it. Just cut the lock off, either with smallish bolt cutters or by cutting through its attachment with a knife.

I also suspect they’re really easy to pick, though I’ve never tried it.

I doubt they’ve got any such thing (and if they do, I doubt it’s got any “explosive allegations” against Biden.) But if they do, it’s stolen. Leaving a room doesn’t mean one’s abandoning anything that one leaves in that room.

Especially a diary. Especially especially if it was under the bed.

Ashley Biden is a 40 year old woman. Was this supposed to be her childhood diary? The diaries I’ve seen with a lock are marketed to children and teens.

I took the lock thing to be lighthearted, like the under the bed thing.

Reminds me of a surprisingly risque scene from The Brady Bunch

Mike: Your organization made a stop at my home for some cartons of books, and when the man picked up the books, one got in by mistake, and I’d like to get it back.

Collins: That’s no problem. What kind of book was it?

Mike: A diary.

Collins: A diary, huh, (He starts to laugh) No wonder you’re anxious to get it back. You should know better than to leave evidence like that laying around for the little woman to find.

Mike: Oh, no, you don’t understand.

Collins: I do, but would the little woman? Next thing you know, you’ll be sharing the doghouse with Rover.

Mike: It’s not my diary. It happened to belong to a young lady.

Collins: Whoa, ho. So your girlfriend keeps a dairy, maybe you better not let your wife find it.

Mike: The young lady happens to be my daughter.

Collins (laughing): Now, that’s a new one. I’ve heard them called cousins and nieces, but daughters. (He laughs again) You oughtta have that pamphlet.

Collins: Good luck. Now I hope you get the diary back to your (starting to laugh again) daughter.

If you look up some unbiased reports on these guys, “ethical” is really not a factor in their decision making process.

I’d say the most likely scenario is that someone sold them a fake diary, in the hopes that they’d be embarrassed by publishing obviously false stories, and they figured out that it was fake, and didn’t fall for it. The only thing in that that I consider unlikely is them figuring out that it was fake, because they’ve never before shown that level of intelligence.

But you’ll also note that this didn’t stop them from creating rumors about this alleged diary, because as noted above, even just a rumor has power, particularly in these days of QAnon and other such crap. Oh, and the entire “lack of ethical behavior” thing.

I see no reason to believe this diary even exists at all. Its lack of existence is why they’re refusing to actually document anything, but that doesn’t stop them from making all sorts of allegations.

It’s just unfortunate for them that claiming to steal personal possessions from the President’s immediate family puts you in line for a world of hurt, even if the personal possessions don’t actually exist.

^ aye

Well, that’s the “stupid” part of being stupid and unethical.

At some point, they really believed that this was a good idea.

O’Keefe recently tried to sway the New Jersey governor’s race. One of the claims that his supporters were saying is he and PV has never lost in court. Any truth to that?

I saw some supposed excerpts from the diary on twitter yesterday. There were some nasty allegations, which I am not sure I should repeat.

I’m glad this story was not widely distributed before the election though.

This story is really confusing to me. Every news source I’m seeing is calling if Ashley Biden’s stolen diary. So is it the authentic stolen diary? Did someone make a fake? Are the things that have been published from the real diary? Why is the FBI investigating if there was no theft? If there was a real theft of a real diary it changes the story tremendously.

PV ???


Project Veritas. It’s right there in the thread title.