My girlfriend has been watching TV series with the website.

There are apparently movies as well. I’m in Iraq now and the IT gods frown on streaming stuff, big downloads, all the fun stuff so I can’t check it out.

She says there are a bunch of ads you have to go through to get to the show (some of which involve meeting young attractive women for “dates”). I’m a suspicious guy - malware, spyware, etc…

Anyone use this site? What’s the straight dope?

Goggling, it seems innocuous with no flaming comments.

There are hundreds of these free movie/tv sites on the net. Most of them fall foul of the copyright laws and I’m pretty sure this one is no exception.

Thanks, more searching doesn’t seem to indicate it’s a malware problem which was my primary worry.

Sorry should have read the OP more carefully.

Yeah some of these sites use Zango but I can’t find anything nasty on this one.