Prom Night, 2002

Well, the night is here (for me anyway), and I never thought that I would require so much time out of the day to prepare for a 5 hour event. Lots of good things have been happening around me lately so I’m hoping that tonight will be no different, and that for once in my life I can try to have a good time at a formal event.

[weird teenage girly mode] So since I have nearly no female friends in real life I have to share this with you all.
My dress is killer , and it makes me look awesome. It’s black floor length velvet, with one slit up the left side and some subtle silver embroidery on the fabric. It’s a halter top and swings around my neck perfectly, high enough to keep the dress from dragging but still low enough to give me some cleavage :wink:
I went into town yesterday to get everything else I needed, nothing like waiting until the last minute to get stuff you need. I got some strappy black shoes that are so comfortable, I figured they would have to be if I was going to wear them for upwards of 9 hours today. I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to do my hair, because I have never been very good at that stuff and I don’t want to spend $30 to have somebody do it for me professionally.
I’m actually getting pictures this time, so if they turn out okay I might post them somewhere so everybody can see.
Okay, I’m done now.

But I’m still really excited, so everybody wish me luck in having a good time!


Take pictures! And have a great time. :slight_smile:

Have fun! :slight_smile: Your dress sounds pretty.

I will be sitting at home tonight (well, actually, I’ll be at the mall supervising the younger siblings…thanks mom). Not a problem, except my best friend, she of the “proms suck” line of thought, is going. A mutual guy friend of ours asked her. I really don’t even like dances, but I envy her. I wouldn’t’ve minded being asked. :frowning:

Anyway, she got her hair done very simply (I saw it earlier). It’s very short, so the hairdresser just curled it and parted it differently. It looks almost the same as her normal hairstyle, but it’s a bit more formal. Perhaps you could try something a bit like you normally wear?


Wow, sounds like your dress is beautiful. Have a great time, and show us pictures!

My prom is coming up, but not until Memorial Day weekend…May 25th. I’m excited…

Have fun!

Have fun!

Our school proms are notoriously awful, but if you don’t go to the prom, you don’t get to be in the stories about the after-parties.

Still, this year there’s going to be an anti-prom party as an alternative, for those of us that just can’t stand it. Presumably that will be pretty wild all the way through.