Promoting an Adult Tube Site?


So I recently started a new adult tube site, I would post a link to it but I think thats not allow here. Anyways I was looking for ways to promote it, I heard quite a few people saying to watermark random porn videos and upload them to popular tube sites but I recently tried it at pornhub and got the 2 videos taken down for copyright ingrament. You still see a lot of random videos with watermarks in those sites, what are the tricks to getting around it?

Well, copyright “ingrament” is quite serious.

If the OP is sincere, it sounds like you’re trying to watermark videos that you are not the producer of. If you legitimately produced the video yourself, then you can slap whatever labeling on it that you want. But most tube sites are just sharing links to videos produced by other porn producers, so you can’t legally do that.

I have no personal problem with porn sites, but they are not known for rigidly adhering to the most stringent definitions of what is legal or ethical. Many of them have unscrupulous ways of driving up traffic. I’m not sure what the more scrupulous ways would be.

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Since the OP appears to be engaged in copyright infringement (using random videos that he does not own the rights to), this is closed.