Pronounce the name -- without looking it up somewhere...

Just for laughs and to see how wide the field may be, try your best to spell out your pronunciation for these people’s names.

Add some others of your own if you wonder how other people may pronounce them.

To start:


Hatosy (as in Shawn)
Bethshears (a Tennessee (at least) surname)
Vincion (another Southern surname)
Jodl (German WWII type)
Dismukes (yet another Southern (at least) surname)
DeRamus (ditto)


Yours may be places and not people if that’s your thing.

Hatosy : Ha - toe - see
Bethshears: Beth - sures
Vincion: Vin - chin
Jodl: Joe - dull (Jaw - dell?)
Dismukes: Des - mucks
DeRamus: Duh - rahm - muss (the m’s murky muddled, here)

I’ll add (surnames I’ve encountered in life):


Hatosy (as in Shawn) — Hat-toe-see
Bethshears (a Tennessee (at least) surname) — Beth-shears
Vincion (another Southern surname) — Vin-see-on
Jodl (German WWII type) — Joe-dull
Dismukes (yet another Southern (at least) surname) — Diss-mewks
DeRamus (ditto) — Dee-rah-muss

Yeah, I’m not very creative in my pronunciations. My go to rule on pronouncing new words is that I’ll pronounce it exactly like its spelled and someone can correct me later. After the debacle of “Siobhan” I just gave up

Hatosy - Hah-TOE-see
Bethshears - BETH-shurz
Vincion - VIN-shin
Jodl - YOE-dul
Dismukes - DIZZ-mooks
DeRamus - Duh-RAM-us

Ng - ANG
Alio - A-LEE-oh
Schlosser - SHLOSS-er
Arey -Airy

Yodel. Maybe swallow the “e” a bit. Or alternatively, “Oops!”