pronouncing the county that Annapolis, MD is in

Is the “e” in Anne Arundal silent?

In other words, is it like Ann or Annie?


It’s pronounced without the E, like Ann.

Nitpick - it’s Anne Arundel.

I think the “e” in “Anne” is always silent, isn’t it?

Locals also never pronounce it as two words. It’s Annarundel.

Interestingly Anne Arundell married Cecilius Calvert (she was 13, he was 23), and they had a son Charles Calvert - of which two other Maryland counties are named after, Charles and Calvert.

How’s Arundell pronounced? Accent on the second or third syllable?


Being from that region, Calvert, for some reason, is pronounced culvert, as in drainage ditch–not by everyone, though.

I’ve never heard it otherwise. I was very surprised that this question was asked.

This must be your first time with copperwindow.

That’s what I came to say. When I first saw it written I thought “Ohhhh, ANNE Arundel.” Before, if I’d been asked to spell it I’d have been in trouble.

There’s also a Cecil County.

I went to the Naval Academy and it is most definitely this.

Think: AnnaRUNdul

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Maybe he’s only read it and never heard it. That’s definitely the case for me.

The whole name maybe, but what english speaker looks at Anne and wonders if you pronounce the E?

Not by us in Montgomery Co. Then again, we pronounce Prince Georges Co as “PeeGee.”

It might be fun to see how people think Wicomico is pronounced.