Pronuciation/ethnicity of a surname

What are the pronunciation and ethnicity of the name “Yurkiw”? For what it’s worth, the person lives in Alberta, Canada.

Dunno how it’s pronounced, but FWIW found this:

Lviv being a “major city in Western Ukraine”.

And there is a huge contingent of the Ukrainian diaspora living in Alberta.

Just an informed guess, but Yurkiw looks like an anglicised spelling, so it should be pronounced just like it’s spelled.

You could get hurt doing that. :slight_smile:

I’d guess “YUR-kyoo”.

I’ve noticed a lot of the Ukrainian names in Canada seem to pave passed through a German transliteration phase–Romanow, for instance, instead of Romanov.

Although apparently it’s only Canadians who pronounce Ukrainian and Polish names as if they were English: “Romanow” rhymes with “my big toe”. :slight_smile: I work with a guy whose family name is “Nowicki” and we all pronounce it “no-wicky” even though I asked him about it and it’s properly pronounced “no-veet-ski”.

I wonder wether “Yurkiw” was meant to be pronounced “Yurkeev”?