Pronunciacions that make you seethe with anger!

I don’t mean ones that just annoy you a little, but ones that inspire (the “late”) VC03-style, smashing your keyboard, impaling your monitor, thowing your most prized possesions into a furnace anger.

Mine is pronouncing “Reese’s,” as in Reese’s Cups, in a way that rhymes with feces. :eek:

First of all, it sounds horrible, and second, it shows you have no conception of basic grammar. They’re Reese’s, the candies belonging to Reese, not REE-cies! I don’t know if it’s just done in the South (by idiots), but it needs to be eradicated anywhere it is found.

Heard it again today: “I pacifically asked her” . Oh really? as opposed to atlantically asked her?

“The point is mute.”

I’ve heard this one on the internet, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone exept little children say it.

It reminds me of “all intensive purposes,” which is somehow becoming amazingly common.

I’ve lived all my life in Southern CA and I’ve heard some people say Reesie’s instead of the proper way. It makes my teeth wiggle, too. Sheesh.

I’ve always found that the contraction mayn’t, for “may not” gives me a headache. Even hearing it in this link has that effect.

Can I axe y’all a question?

“Sontimeters” (by English speakers in the US).

For that matter, pretty much any time this pseudo-French modification occurs (for some reason, it’s very common in the medical community): exenteration pronounced “exonteration”, for instance.

What about misspellings that make you nawseus?


How about the person that said they were on their way to take their math testes?

“With all do respect.”

Nucular. Nuculus (said by a PhD. no less!).

How about as opposed to “I martially asked her.”

As in “centimeters,” right? Why would you say that? Shudder

And Indygrrl, be glad you don’t live in Alabama. Many people have axed me questions, and I can stand it either. (Which reminds me of this one: saying “EIGH-ther,” if you’re not from a country where you learn to speak all your words like that.)

Huh. I always hear it as “Pacific ally” vs. “pacive cly”

It’s funny you bring up VCO3’s name. At first glance I thought it was him.

The Op kind of sounds like it too.

You’re not one of those socks I’ve heard about are you?

George Bush is not a PhD. :smiley:

An amazing number of supposedly trained medical personnel are illiterate when it comes to the language of their trade.

Thus we have overhead pages at the hospital for “Res-pi-tory Therapy” and people bringing us “centennial” lymph nodes (it’s actually sentinel nodes).

Today I was presented with a specimen from a “fulmint” colitis. That’s fulminant, you idjits.

Hm, I was gonna say “you mean like “pronunciacion”?” but that’s how you spell it in Spanish. Although the OP doesn’t sound like a non-native English speaker.

Not pronounciation, per se,* but people who say, “No offense,” when the least they really mean is “No offense intended.” The two-word phrase seems to imply the speaker is stating for you that you won’t be offended.

  • for Hazel.