Proof I'm a Geeeeeek

So my dad went to Atlanta this weekend and returned with one load of my stuff which ImprovSister was holding for me. I’ve begun unpacking in it, and I couldn’t help but laugh as I merged book collections and such.

Here, just look at this (completely SFW).

I’m not sure what to do with the 3.0 books, I think I may give them to charity or some poor gamer. I’m going to keep the 3.5 doubles to use for teaching friends how to play.

– IG

Pff u lzr. Don’t even have all the splatbooks.

That said, you could set up the 3.0 books as sort of a Shelf of Failure. Although you could probably salvage the FRCS, as I think you may be able to find a 3.5 update for it. Can’t remember if it’s a published book or online supplement, though.

I have friends who have entire bookcases like that. I have more than that just in old-school Battletech stuff.

Maybe I should start a “Picture of your bookshelf” thread.

You call yourself a geek? There is no shrinkwrap on those manuals! :wink:

Dude, either those are some mighty small wiffle balls, or those are some big-ass books.

You know, I’ve got a shelf like that, complete with multiple copies of some of the books (not sure how I wound up with the spares). Mine also has a load of 2nd Edition books and boxed settings, though. And a couple of editions of Shadowrun manuals…and Paranoia XP…and Nobilis…and a stack of LARP rulebooks…

Come to think of it, I need another geek shelf, but my other shelves are mostly full of SF, fantasy, and foreign-language dictionaries.


Do it. I’ll play!

You mean there are people with only one bookshelf? :eek:

Or just one gaming bookshelf?

Well, I assumed it would be more like a ‘‘Post a series of pictures of your bookshelves’’ thread. :wink:
ETA: We have 5.

Oh yeah… I’ll have to break out the camera when I get home and start imaging my shelving.

{Indie-Style Geek Cred Showboating}
A real geek would have 1st ed. manuals. With the original crappy artwork on the covers.

I still have too many RPG manuals to want to think about stuffed into closets and under the bed. Lord only knows why since it’s not as if I’m going to start up a rousing game of 1st ed. AD&D any time soon but I hate to get rid of them.

I got 2nd edition and 3rd edition. Main manuals only so I’m a pale kind of geek next to you lot! Or with a geek would it be less pale ?

I’ve never actually played Dungeons and Dragons, but I think I still qualify as a geek. I recently found the strength to let go of approximately $500 worth of Magic: The Gathering Cards from my high school days. I was especially proud of my ‘‘Flame Wave’’ card.


Over at, you can list all the books on your shelf, and they are displayed. It’s like facebook for nerds.


I have three heavy duty paint can shelves. Of RPGs alone.

I literally can’t count the paperbacks, they’re infesting every room of the house to eye level and above.

Gee, a shelf full of 3e D&D books. That’s alright, I suppose. I mean unless you’ve got shelves just dedicated to dead RPG lines and another shelf with a set of three editions of D&D (no white box, though; I almost bought an early printing a few years ago but decided against it).

I left my bookshelves when I moved. The only thing I have left is the cabinet I use to hold RPG’s and comic TPB’s (both of which have overflowed the space available to them). Before I moved I had eleven and I don’t know how long I’m going to stay here which dampens my interest in buying or making shelves and then having to deal with shifting their contents again. Now those books are packed safely away awaiting the day when I feel ready to set them up again.

I justify the massive pile of GURPS books for settings that I’ll never touch as handy reference materials.

I’ve used that excuse for why I have all the Blue Planet books. Even though we’ve never played it. Nor ever intend to.

They’re sitting on the shelf below my GURPS books. 'Cause we don’t play GURPS, either. Those’re my “neat, but no play” shelves.

The D&D books are on my “where did this Dragonomicon come from?” shelves.

On my bookshelf, I have the original AD&D beginners and expert boxed sets. Then the first four hardcovers. Monster Manual, DMG, Players Handbook and Fiend Folio.

What is this second edition of which you speak?

When I say shelves, I mean sets of shelves. You know, bout six-six and a half feet high.

I have World of Synnbar in there somewhere. It lurks. I know I have a copy of Chainmail. And Elric. And…