The Bookshelf Photo-Thread

I rashly posted about starting a thread for our photos of our bookshelves.

So, here goes:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th

That’s my first bookshelf. More to come.

Unless, of course, there’s no interest.

Sorry, I ain’t gonna show my bookshelves. Way too many self help books. :slight_smile:

I just did a purge-anything that hasn’t been read for 20 years got the chop. So why did I keep the paperback of the Canterbury Tales with the first 7 pages dissolved away, I dunno. Makes me look smart I guess.

Well at least I got some naysayers to pipe up. So in a possibly futile attempt to get this thing going, here’s some further imagery:

Not books, but on my bookshelf

Below that.

And the two bottom shelves.

I might post some more.

The batteries in the camera died, but before they did, I got a photo of part of my Joe Lansdale shelf.

I didn’t know what I was going to do with that little bust of the dead cowboy (found in a gift shop in Seattle), but it fits on that shelf, with Joe’s book “Dead in the West”, a zombie western.

Hypno-Toad, doesn’t it cock spines when books lean like that? Stand those puppies up! :slight_smile:

Eh, I just moved to a new apartment and they haven’t been organized yet. So they haven’t been that way for long and won’t be either.

All right then. I’ve met my nag quota for today, and my husband will thank you.

The little soldiers – are they Napoleonic or American Revolution or what? I like 'em. Do they tie in with your reading interests?

I promise to participate–going to take some photos now.

Here’s mine:

I hope you don’t live in earthquake country.

Looks like technical stuff. Lots of technical stuff. :slight_smile:

No, Earthquakes are not a worry… Dust, now There’s a problem.
This is my office bookshelf. The non-reference books are upstairs.

There’s a variety. The big 200mm, two 120mm and 90mm are Napoleonic. But there’s a 54mm samurai, a landsknecht, 4 WWI germans and an elf peeking in at the edge. And you might notice a few napoleonic and medieval books in the OP.

Beowulff, I know who to ask about solar power now.

I’ll play. I just moved and they’re still a bit jumbled, but mostly in order.
Here’s one view, and here’s another.

BiblioCat, what are the books with the teal dust jackets, top shelf?

I recognize Cold Mountain and some Penguin classics, and maybe Salem’s Lot (?).

They’re a set of Jane Austen; Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Mansfield Park.

There are two Straight Dope books visible in the second photo; bottom right on the middle shelf. :cool:

I just wanted to say I hit a new level of boredom when I am looking at complete stranger’s bookshelves on the internet. And trying to read the titles.

Welll… looks like we got ourselves some readers…

[/Bill Hicks]

Now that PHotobucket is back up I can regale y’all with the soft back books:

It used to be totally full till I cleared a bunch out.

Even more.

And don’t y’all worry. I have Even More to come.

My husband and I sold and gave away just about all of our books just a few months ago. We cleared out 3 full bookcases. The only books I kept were mostly picture books and things that belonged to my kids, making the bookcase in our library look like it’s a kid’s room. Neither one of us are really big on keeping our books once we finish reading them.

Library top shelf


middle and another middle and bottom .
And this one is in our living room, in the newly designated bar area.