Proof of Alien Intelligence

My. God!

It’s all true! Crop circles, alien abductions, area 51, alien autopsies, psychic trans-dimensional wave-blasts. I’ve sneered at all these things in the past, but one picture has convinced me! (on his show Bell was stunned at this, and if Art (Mr Skeptic) Bell is stunned…well!)

Here is all the proof you need!

No human could have etched ice like this. :rolleyes:

Fenris (who thinks this is just too dumb for GD)

Fenris, this is even too dumb for IMHO. I’m burying this in MPSIMS.

This morning when I stepped into the shower, there was a mysterious ring in my bathtub. Who put it there? I’m certain it’s evidence of SOME kind of mysterious being. But I’m unable to explain how the aliens got into my home and what the intended purpose of the bathrub ring might be.

The alien beings also left several rings on my coffee table…perfect little circles. I think they form a map or a code to be used in locating the bathtub circle, but I cant’ be sure.

How could they come into my home unnoticed, design these elaborate and perfectly executed geometric designs, and then escape my house without making a sound? I’m mystified!

Someone call “Unsolved Mysteries” and have them send a camera crew.


I’m hurt…I’m emotionally distraught. I’m gonna start a pit thread…no! I’m gonna start my own message board, for the sole purpose of criticizing Czarcasm’s decision to move this thread!

Or maybe not. :slight_smile:

It was pretty dumb, wasn’t it?


Hmm…I don’t remember doing that…Maybe it’s because you didn’t share the bottle of whisky with me??

I mean a whole bottle can make you do things you won’t remember next day…

Boy, what a way to make use of my 100th post!!!
Am I an incurable flirt or what??

Just wait, I will ask my wife and get back to you with the answer…



*Originally posted by Watermelon Man *

Are you suggesting that I’m a hoaxter, Sir? You’re trying to tell me that I snuck into my own house under cover of dark, and without disturbing anything, created this elaborate system of rings? No, I didn’t have THAT much to drink. If I had, I would have been out in the woods being “abducted.” How dare you! Damn you skeptics…damn you all to hell!!


I feel so misunderstood

I was trying to imply it must have been ME who sneaked in your place last night,and placed the rings in your bathtub and all, and that I don’t remember anything.

I was trying to be a flirt, and now I am wating my 101th post trying to explain that I am not a jerk:)

You’re neither a hoaxer or a jerk (the “flirt” question we’ll ignore in the interests of science: you’re a victim of alien abuction mind-control orbital amnesia-lasers! :eek:

Look at your post. You claim you don’t remember anything. Ergo, the aliens must have erased your memories! It’s all so obvious!


OooOOoOooOoh! More details emerge!!

Be afraid. Be very afraid!



If you come up with an idea about how I will make my wife believe that, and I owe you one!!

I knew it! I have a deformed head too! And dogs won’t go anywhere NEAR my bathtub. See! There’s only one possible explanation…


Isn’t anyone wondering who put the rings around Saturn?
I mean, they needed a biiig ladder and all.
Can we send Art Bell there to check?