Proof of ridiculous, waste of time stat tracking

“Notes: Boston hasn’t lost on the road in the playoffs since losing at Cleveland in Game 4 of the 2007 ALCS.”

Really? They haven’t lost on the road in the playoffs since a year ago? Wow. That’s an amazing stat seeing as the playoffs are only once a year…:rolleyes:

I’ve noticed that NFL and MLB (the only two sports I watch) have gone really far over the top trying to “Create” stats that don’t mean shit. This one takes the cake lately. Is this really something worth pointing out? Seriously?

“This is the first time since last year that the Cubs have been swept in the first round of the post season…”


Yeah, I just :rolleyes: at any stat that says “since 2000-anything”. Don’t mean shit.

Now, “hasn’t won the World Series since 1907”, that’s a significant stat for ya! :smiley: