Proof That Jerry Falwell Has No Sense of Humor

According to an article in USA Today, Jerry’s suing the folks behind because he thinks that

Fuck you, Jerry. You lost your suit against Hustler and you’ll lose this one.

Care to feed my laziness and tell me a little about the Hustler case?

Rent The People vs Larry Flynt.

Basically, Hustler published a cartoon in which Falwell had sex with his mother. He sued. The Supreme Court (yes, that one) ruled that the cartoon was a parody.

Hmm, yeah, I don’t remember that part… but still, this is a little different. They might not be able to pull this one off.

Hustler ran a cartoon of Falwell getting his “sex education” from his grandmother back behind an outhouse. :smiley: Some how Falwell got wind of the cartoon (Perhaps while doing a little, uh, “research” ;)? ) and sued Hustler over it. Went all the way to the Supreme Court who told Jerry to go fuck himself that since he was a public figure and the cartoon was obviously satire, there was a whole lotta nothing he could do about it. Who says the Supreme Court can’t get it right once in a while?

And on “preview” I see that Mr. Blue Sky has beaten me to the punch, but my answers funnier!

For whatever it’s worth, it wasn’t a cartoon. It was a mock advertisement for Campari, feigning an interview with Falwell.

You have two words to many in the thread title.

In other words:

Jerry Falwell = Proof that Jerry Falwell has no sense.

We needed proof?

Should read:

I hope the prick loses, but I wonder if he might win because of cyber-squatting laws. has survived for about three years, so I think there’s hope for the anti-Falwellites.

Er, point of clarification. He’s not actually “suing” them in the litigious American sense–he has only filed a complaint with a body called the World Intellectual Property Organization. They will “think about it” and let him know.

I picture three stolid Swiss businessmen going through the paperwork and muttering, “Wass die Fukk?”

Jerry says it’s a “trademark violation”. From the USA Today article:

The WIPO’s section on trademarks doesn’t say anything about “common-law trademarks” that I can see. It is possibly an American thing.


So here’s why Jerry filed his complaint with a bunch of Swiss guys–there’s no way he could make it stick under U.S. guidelines. How could anyone possibly be confused as to the source of the goods and services involved? is from and down at the bottom it says, "This website is not affiliated with Jerry Falwell (Duh!) "

As a public figure, you don’t have the right to not allow use of your name. It’s an obvious parody – heck, it says “parody” right at the top – so I imagine that Falwell will lose (eventually).

Will be interesting to see who he drags around for a character witness since he doesn’t have Charles Keating this time.

WIPO doesn’t much care about international law, and has a long history of nonsensical decisions. They’ve fairly consistantly ruled in favor of the bigshots, even when the bigshots were in the wrong by most standards. WIPO is even known to ignore their own rules.

Falwell may very well win.

But what power exactly does the WIPO wield? Does it have a juristiction? who appointed it?

Hrrm I thought the WIPO couldn’t do shit… And Faldwell is a moron… all sueing will do is will drive traffic for the site up

Jerry Falwell is proof that God has a sense of humor.

And it’s apparently quite twisted.

WIPO can take away your domain name, it’s jurisdiction is worldwide and netwide, and it was appointed by the UN or one of those types of groups.

You needed PROOF? What are you? Totally fucked up?

I mean, I’m new here, as far as time in the Pit goes, but even I KNOW He is so fucked up it’s obvious. I know HE is, but that you needed PROOF is just fucking warped! Where have YOU been?

No really, where?