Proof that the universe is just one big random fuckstory

A local group held the first ever Alaska lottery, grand prize $500,000, profits to go to STAR (Stand Together Against Rape). Lots of hoopla, lots of publicity, lots of speculation.

So who wins the fucking thing? A convicted sex offender with two convictions for molesting minors. Well, isn’t that special. He’s stated that he’ll give $100K to STAR, but nobody is going to hold his breath waiting for that to happen. He says he’s been in a rehab program and is “trying to get (his) life together.” Fair enough. So why not give that $100K to the two victims whose lives you’ve traumatized, so they can try to get their lives together?

I’m also pissed off that I didn’t win it.

Have you got a link to that story?

We had a similar incident here in the UK.

£7,000,000 for this lucky rapist.

Another nail in the coffin of god, or a lesson in karma; who knows?

Here ya go.

I can’t decide…is that irony? Damn you, Alanis, you’ve broken my ironicOmeter.

What is it with Alaskans and charity? First Palin’s wardrobe, now this…

You’d think that in the state with the highest rape rate in the nation they would have specifically excluded sex offenders from a lottery that benefits rape victims.

Remember that waste of semen whose girlfriend locked herself in the bathroom for two years, until her skin stuck to the toilet bowl?

Last year, he won the Kansas state lottery – twice.

But how is that proof of randomness? You’ve now got three stories that have pretty much the same outcome. It may be ironic or something else, but three stories saying the same thing. Surely that’s not random.

Seems an odd precedent to set. Lotteries don’t usually have a “You must be a good person to enter” clause, do they?

I’ve obviously been using the wrong strategy to try to win the lottery…

Heh. Yeah, that would be a little self-defeating. Who would qualify to enter?

And no matter the outcome of the lottery, you still win!

I’m sure you’re right, but it just seems so…wrong.

Holy shit: you’re right! But if that means there is a plan for all this, what does that say about The Planner?

That he’s a sadistic, former Babylonian storm god who has a very small and blotchy dick?

I bet he didnt just pull the numbers out of HIS ass :slight_smile:

I don’t know. Who’s The Planner?

All I said was that it wasn’t random, there’s a pattern, just from the few posts here. What is says about The Planner, whatever you think that means, is something that you evidently just made up.

One of the new Gladiators, I think.

Really? So what do these three lottery wins say about him/her?

And while I’m at it, what’s a new Gladiator?