Proofread! Proofread! Proofread!

From the Australian Idol website:

Anyone else see the math problem here?

I thought it was called “maths” in Australia? Oh well.

Looks like they didn’t convert New Zealand years to Australia years.

Also, five years is a bit young for Willem to have a “partner.” :smack:


Yes. He didn’t move with his son. because his son is 5. And he moved 7 years ago.
But I am drunk so you have to forgive me for not seening the obvious.

or ‘seeing’ even.

Well I, for one, didn’t know that Shannon was a guy’s name too.

Oh, sure. There’s Shannon Stewart of baseball’s Minnesota Twins and there was Shannon Hoon of music’s Blind Melon.

Missed that, I was to busy trying to add up 5 to get 7.

and Lobsang being drunk is good for your post count. Three posts in three minutes!