Propegating an Elephant Plant

My friend has an Elephant Plant, that has a bunch of babies sprouting out of the bulb.

Is it possible for her to remove one of these babies to give to me so I can start my own little Elephant Plant?

If so, how does she do it? Does she just yank it off, or cut it, or what?


Assuming that what you’re talking about is colocasia, I’m guessing that you can just pop those babies off of there and pot them up. A little paring knife might be tidier, though.

Actually, even if you’re not talking about colocasia, generally speaking whenever a plant makes little babies at the base, you’re pretty safe in just snipping them off and potting them up. That’s kind of the point of a plant making babies like that–it’s hoping that somehow they’ll become detached from the parent plant and go on to lead happy, fulfilling lives somewhere else.

Humm - Ok, I’m calling it the wrong thing.

Basicly it looks like a huge tulip bulb with a palm tree growing out of it.

When I say huge - the bulb is about 18" accross, and has a bunch of little “mini bulbs” poking out of it. They don’t appear to pop off - it looks like you would have to dig them out of the large bulb, which I’m afraid might damage it.


Ok, it’s a Ponytail Palm, not an elephant plant.

So - does anyone have tips on transplanting the suckers? Apparently it’s quite tricky outside of Florida, and none of the sites I’ve found have tips - just the bare bones. eg: “Propagation is done with suckers.”

Great - how, exactly?

I’ve never had a ponytail palm that did that, but then I never had a ponytail palm for that long. Curious as to where you are located and how you thought this plant was called an “elephant plant” (never heard that one – maybe a geographical thing?)

Anyway, I’d use my trowel to shear the suckers off, trying to catch a little bit of root system and transplant. (Won’t hurt the parent plant as long as you don’t slice the major taproot off.) Once the outdoor temperature is consistently over 65 degrees where you live, that plant can go outside in the sunniest spot you can find. (And give her a little mist with the garden hose 'bout once a week – palms love humidity. That advice stands even if you keep it inside as a houseplant.) Bring back in once temps start dropping below 40 consistently, at night. If you can’t manage to get any roots to come off the parent plant with the pup(s), pick up some rooting hormone at your local nursery or home improvement store. You just dip the bottom half inch of the plant in the rooting hormone (a white powder) and stick it in a pot. Water regularly, a little more at first than you normally would, but don’t let it stay soggy. Palms like to dry out in between waterings. And, hey! E-mail me a picture of it if you can and have a chance… my e-mail is in my profile.

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GREAT! However, I think my palm is going to be strictly indoors. The 6-8 weeks of consistantly warm weather I get here probably won’t yield very good results. :smiley:

As soon as I find out if my friend has success, and I have my plant in hand, I’ll send you pics.