Proper Etiquette in the "Ask the" threads...

So what is proper etiquette in the “Ask the <blank>” threads if you are also a <blank>? Is it acceptable to chime in when your experiences differ than that of the thread starter? How much participation is acceptable before you risk hijacking the thread?

I’ve never seen anyone admonished for this. You just go in and say “I’m also a <blank>, although of course I did all my <blanking> under <deleted> circumstances, but I’ll try to answer anyway”.

As with most things, we don’t have hard-and-fast lines to say THIS is acceptable additional participation and THIS isn’t. Basically, providing additional information or other points of view is considered appropriate: the purpose of the thread, after all, is to share perpsectives in discussion, and not to provide a lecturn for one [blank] only.

[sings]One blank only! One blank only! You’ll be the only one…[/sings]

I had an “Ask The…” thread in which another Doper emailed me privately to see if I was OK with them chiming in, as the subject was of a personal nature. I felt honored that they sought my acceptance beforehand, and had no problems with they or anyone else sharing their experiences in the thread.