Prophetic Naming

This could very well be the epitome of Mundane and Pointless.

Could my father be the next Nostradamus?
I have spent the last few months having my eyes examined over and over. My eye doctor just discovered that I suffer from Pseudo-Tumor Cerebri. I also have astigmatism, the beginnings of glaucoma and I am much too nearsighted for someone my age.

Just today, I realized something interesting. I was named after St. Claire of Assisi. Among other things, she’s the patron saint of eyes and eye disease.

My baby sister was named after St. Philomena. She is the patron saint of babies, barrenness, desperate causes, infants, infertility, newborns, sterility, among other less depressing things. My step-mother had a hard time with my baby sister and not only almost lost my sister, she almost died herself. I had assumed this was what led to his naming choice. But, I later learned that my sister was named before the pregnancy problems started.

I think my dad needs to stop naming his children after saints.

I checked out the saints my older sisters were named after. Luckily, their saints didn’t represent anything too depressing and their names don’t seem to be affecting their lives. My sister was named after St. Francis of Assisi and she loves animals but we all love animals so I don’t think that counts. My baby brother’s namesake doesn’t actually represent anything - although he was martyred :eek: