Proposal Writing: An Atypical Question

I know there a ton of books on this subject, but (a) time is limited and (b) this topic might not even be in all those books. Any advice on how one might word a proposal to show just enough of an idea to intice interest BUT not enough to show one’s hand?

I know…this question isn’t about your garden variety proposal, like writing for government grant or in response to a RFP. Any general thoughts the Masses may wish to reveal?


  • Jinx

If you are talking about a letter of inquiry for something like a novel you are right on the money with how to do it. And the books and websites out there are pretty good with how to word them and as for your post: If it is a novel lead the reader to the most enticing spot in the book, then end it before the reveal.
I’m sure Reality Chuck will be in soon enough to give specifics.

Part of my job is to review pitches for new videogames. Generally we expect developers to put all their cards on the table during a pitch. It’s hard to evaluate something if you don’t know the details of its execution. Playing it coy is just wasting everyone’s time.

Of course, different business/academic cultures may have different conventions. Can you be more specific what you’re writing a proposal for?

What my company did was pitch the whole industry segment.
They went on and on about how pharmaceuticals was the place to invest, without ever telling what they were working on.