Prospective employer said he would email me a week ago, but has not.

He gave me a call a week ago, he seemed interested in hiring me, and told me he would send me an email about a personality test that I need to take and some additional information that night.

But it has been a week now, and I have not heard from him at all.

Is this a good sign or bad sign?

Spam filter?

It is a sign that you need to call him back and see what the deal is.

Additional information.

I somewhat know him, he is a good friend of my father.

He has already told me to relax, I’ve been following up with him until he said that. My father knows him as a procrastinator, but a week is a long time to procrastinate!

Call him and ask when he is sending it. It could have been lost in a spam filter or something or he might have had a birth or death in the family and been too distracted to remember to send it.

For heaven’s sake. You know him, and he’s a good friend of your father? Call him on the phone now.

A little white lie I learned at my last job that allows someone to save face (always nice in situations involving potential bosses) …
When you want to say this: “Hey! You said you’d email me XYZ, and you haven’t! You jerk!”

What you actually say is this: “Hello, Mr. ABC, I’m terribly sorry but I’m afraid I’ve been having some problems with my email account. It’s all straightened out now - do you mind re-sending XYZ to me, please?”

I had to use it as a last resort sometimes in delicate situations, and it worked every time. Do not, however, use it more than once on the same person.

I don’t know about good or bad, but it is a sign that your job search should be continuing on other avenues.

A procrastinator…one week???
Man, you must have some really lightweight procrastinators where you live! One week isn’t even in the procrastinator’s dictionary! I’d wait another week.

Best wishes,

A very useful tip.

I’ll be using that in the future when circumstances merit it.

Prospective hires are situations where it seems the disparity is the greatest between sides as to what are “reasonable” time periods.

Right now I’m awaiting a yes or no on an application I submitted last November! Multiple interviews, tests, and forms filled out, at least 12 references, blah-blah. They are hiring approx 125 people to report at the end of August. General consensus expected offers to be extended this week, but today multiple folk have (unofficially) said not to expect any word until 8/2 at the earliest, because some muckety-muck or another is on vacation. So they are dicking with over 100 people’s lives, because one person is on vacation?!

Great! - as I’m heading to Alaska on 8/3 for 11 days, and I’m sure cell service in the middle of the tundra will be flawless. Then if I get the job, 2 weeks after I come back to close up shop and plan to move across country. Plenty of time! :rolleyes: (Oh yeah - until I receive the offer, I won’t know if they want me to work 15 floors down in my same building, or in any of 7 different states up to 800 miles away.)

Sorry for the hijack, just confirming that job searching sucks.

Heh. I applied for my current job three years before getting called in for an interview.

Dinsdale - 11 days without the Dope? What are you going to do?