Protect folders in Windows ME

Is there a way to password protect folders in Wondows ME without having to pay and buy a vendor developed solution?

If there isn’t, can someone tell me the cheapest solution?


How secure do you need it? If this is for network access, you can implement Share level security - anyone trying to access a share on your machine over the network has to enter a password.

Ordinarily, I’d recommend PGP but they don’t sell a version for Windows 9x or ME.

If you move to Windows XP, don’t use the inbuilt encryption - it’s for the corporate market.

It is only for the machine at home that is shared with others. Purpose is to prevent access to some sensitive information from my other room mates.

HandyBits EasyCrypto Deluxe is free for personal use.

Possibly the simplest way would be to get yourself a removable HDD and lock the disk away when not in use.