Folder Locking Utility for Win98?

In a continuing effort to maintain a bit of privacy on my family shared computer, I am in search of a utility which will enable me to lock a folder or two in Windows 98 with a password. One that will work between programs.

I see there is a lot of stuff out there, but most of it looks to have an awful lot of bells and whistles as well as potential spy ware along with it.

I am looking for something simple, because I am simple minded. Any personal recomendations will be appreciated!

You, of the Straight Dope were ever so helpful in directing me to a utility to allow me a bit of privacy in my favorites, I’m hoping you can help me with this.

Would security through obscurity work in your case? Could you bury the folder deep on your drive somewhere, and then change it to hidden?

It might work, however I’d probably never be able to find it again.

You could upgrade to Windows XP, which has each family member sign into their own user account, and you can password-protect your account.

This may actually be what you’re looking for:

Our computer is shared by my husband and myself and our son.

I tried out a few of those folder locking programs as well and found them to be a genuine pain in the ass.

Now I actually use an idea like Joey G describes. Each of us have folders labeled with our names for personal documents, etc. In mine I have one with an obsure name like “Nurturing your inner goddess” with various files. There is one labeled Winpvcy.ini that I designate as hidden. Then I add a shortcut to it in the “send to” file in Windows. I figure even is someone actually finds the file accidently it will appear to be a driver file.

Now when I want to hide something I send it to that folder by right clicking on it. When I want to see it I open the “Goddess” file and change the folder option to “view all files” It takes about 2 seconds, requires no passwords, and is so simple even I haven’t fucked it up.

I use this method for passwords and such, you should see what I do to hide the pr0n. :cool: