Proto Indo European Roots & Weebls

I’m not sure what this link:

has to do with Indo-European words, but it was cool anyway. What did I miss?

A lame joke I thought better of but Ed Zotti wouldn’t let me delete.

“When come back bring pie” - “When come back bring PIE” Do I have you rolling in the aisles yet?

By the way, a link to the report is appreciated.

Ouch! Yes, but in pain :slight_smile:

I’m glad it was left in, but they tell me psychiatry is doing wonders for that these days! :smiley:

sudont, welcome to the Board. I don’t want to frighten you or anything, but that’s far from the worst you’ll encounter around here, especially if you hang out in MPSIMS. It’s ok, though. You’re not the only one to splatter their screen with coffee or laugh out loud at work.


Thanks! I’ll consider myself warned ; )