Prove your existance...

Being in the philosophical mood that I am, I can’t help but wonder about the whole meaning of existance. Being as I can’t even prove that I even exist to myself, with the exception of my conscienceness, I wonder what everyone elses take on this is. Do you exist, do I exist, and can you prove it?

Unfortunately, last time I pondered this, I reduced myself to a mere puddle of brain goo, left with thoughts of whether my reality was merely a figment of my imagination, and if so, could I change it. If everything as I know it, including the people of this board, are parts of my imagination, why am I not higher in the social system that I created? If I created everything in my own mind, does that make me god? If I am in fact god, why do you not worship me?

What am I?

What are you?

And of course, the greatest question of all, why in the name of hell did I come up with polka, and why can’t I will it away?

I don’t worship anyone. Maybe a photo or video will prove your existence? But then, I understand vampires cannot see their images in mirrors, and perhaps not in photos.

I don’t have to prove my existence to you, since you are merely a figment of my fertile imagination.

A pantheistic solipsist at heart…


Statement Proof

  1. I am 1. I think

Define “exist”.

I post, therefore I am.

How can a photo prove my existance to you, if you cannot prove that the photograph exists, merely the thought of it does? How can I prove that you exist for the same reason?

Am I talking to myself?

[sup]*please note that I did not mean “am I talking to myself” as derogatory, i reread it and noticed it sounded like that. I meant “if you are a figment of my imagination, am I talking to myself”.[/sup]

Old Adage: I think, therefore, I am.

New Adage: I shop, therefore, I am.

Definitely “Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share.” This is not a put down. Mere observation. I guess I don’t need to prove my existence to myself or anyone else. A bunch of terrorists tried to kill me in Sept. So I must exist to them.

…that if I am a figment of your imagination, then I want some of whatever you’re smoking so I can dream up myself.

Does it matter if you exist or not? You are what you are, things happen as they happen. Something new will happen when we die, or not.

Man, I gotta pee… I better exist myself on yond unto the facilities…

Carry On.

Unfortunately the college loan people are quite certain that I exist.

I don’t.


If you could create yourself, what would you be? How would your other creations regard you? If you are a figment of your own imagination, what are you to begin with, that has such a wonderful imagination, yet cannot exist without itself to imagine things? (yeah, I’m confused too)…
Reminds me of a quote…“The single true test of God’s omnipotence is that he need not exist in order to save us”…forgot who said it. Or maybe I made it up.

I don’t exist. Which means that you are hallucinating if you think that you are reading this.

So you should get yourself to a good psychiatrist.

But if you take directions from your hallucinations then you are really off your nut. That puts you into a bit of a quandry, doesn’t it.

[sub]If you can read this then you are hallucinating to close[/sub]

It all depends on your definition of terms. By the definitions we all normally use, we all certainly exist. What does your life mean is a much tougher question.

Prove my existance? Why? It doesn’t matter! If I don’t exist, it doesn’t affect my life and my happiness, therefore I don’t care.

Proof that the rest of the world is real and not just a figment of your imagination? Easy.

I’m not living the life I would be living if I could just make it all up.

Are you?