Prove your existance...

Don’t think so much. You’ll get a headache.

I exist. Against my better judgement, and only for certain values of “exist”. But I exist. The rest of you folks, I’m not so sure of.

Although, if you all are just voices in my head, as it were, my head is a much more interesting place than I had heretofore thought.

It is impossible to prove that I exist. But I can prove that we all don’t exist. I quote from Douglas Adams’ “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe”:

I guess that wraps that up.

Dragwyr, that’s one of my favorite quotes! I’m not sure if I exist, but I don’t care!

Well I had to convince the Mods that I existed after this little debarcle

I managed it, and that must count in my favour existance-wise???


I was going to comment that you can’t prove existense until you can prove non-existence, as the easiest way to identify something is to notice when it is absent (and vice versa), but Dragwyr weakened my philosophy a bit.

[30’s Gangster]
Hey, mac…I don’t gotta prove myself ta nobody. Got it?
[/30’s Gangster]

Philosophical conundrum number one:

I yam what I yam.

With all that spinach he eats, how can Popeye be a yam?
Philosophical conundrum number two:

[The Kinks]
I know what I am
And I’m glad I’m a man
And so is Lola
[/The Kinks]

Is Lola glad I’m a man, or is she a man???

So you can see that this is a very tricky situation, this “proof of existance” stuff. Perhaps you should jam a safety pin into your thigh. If you wince with pain, I’d say you exist.

In keeping witth philosophical context and since Violet already brought up the act of hijacking…


Did many paranoids have their beliefs vindicated on September 11? What does this mean for people who weren’t out to get them? Do we have to start?

Is paranoia a faith based system like Christianity, or a pseudoscience like Dianetics? Or is it a finely honed combination of both? Why isn’t it a tax shelter?


:: Takes off clothes and runs through the thread ::

<Curly> Woowoowoowoowoowoo! </Curly>

:: Puts clothes back on ::

Now, then. Would I have done that if I didn’t really exist?


I would thank you for that comment, but since I’m not here, it’s kind of a moot point.