Proving A Guinness World Record

So I found out my grandmother started playing the organ in the local catholic church in 1942 and has been playing every since. I think she might be in the running for a Guinness World Record. How does a person go about proving when a person started playing or any longevity records? No one thinks in 70 years I’ll need some specific documentation. I’ve tried to look for old photos to no avail and the only person who can vouch for her is her sister who is 90 years old. Would they accept a letter from a sibling as enough proof to make the record stand?

BTW, I’ve dug through their website and have found nothing on how to prove something like this or what is acceptable as proof.

I put it to the dope to answer the unanswerable… at least it is for me at the moment.


Wow - doesn’t she ever have to go to the bathroom?


PS - the procedure to apply is here.

She has an usually large bladder… and thanks

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