Prozac and Women.

Something I have wondered for some time now. Does Prozac make women anorgasmic too? I haven’t heard too much about the subject, at least from I have gotten in the media, and elsewhere.

And I have to also ask, what parts of the body are involved in an orgasm? And how is it physiologically defined? And how do women’s orgasms differ from men’s? Separate questions, I suppose. But also related to the first one, I think

Thank you in advance to all who reply:).


All of the SSRIs depress anyone’s libido, and the degree to which this happens is dosage dependent.

However, men can become impotent from SSRIs, and women can continue to engage in intercourse, without orgasm, but sometimes with other kinds of pleasure, while taking SSRIs. At least, this is what I get from the literature, and from several people I know who have taken them.

I took a small dose of Luvox once to see if it would help me sleep by stopping obsessive thoughts (Luvox is an SSRI, but it’s used more for OCD, and less for depression than Prozac is). It didn’t help with sleep, and it didn’t make me anorgasmic, but it was more difficult to get there. I quit taking it, and moved on to something else. I tried several other things until I found one that worked.

As a woman, I can tell you, penetrative sex doesn’t result in orgasm every single time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun, every single time.