Prozac nation, meet the Happy Map

The Happiness Map

I can understand why Somalia would opt out of this board geographic statement, but what is Greenland hiding?

“I feel happppppy! I feel happppppy!”

“Happy talk keep talkin’ happy talk!”

Cool link, Mouse_Maven – and people wonder why no one takes social scientists seriously…

What the…Ireland is happier than England? Looks like the English are losing their touch!

Mongolia looks like the happiest place in Asia. I wonder what they’re up to?

Norway and Sweden look very pleased with themselves. Must be the fjords or the lutefisk

Hmmmm…most of the SDMB users are from the US, Canada, Australia and England. Looks like the SMDB is also doing it’s part to fight unhappiness! :smiley:

It’s because they’re still waiting for a big Hollywood star to portray Guy Fawkes in a heroic big-budget blockbuster the way Mel Gibson did for William Wallace.

Either that or Ireland just has better pubs.

Afrobarometer? Does this sound like a cheezy 70’s gag gift to anyone else?

I just got squicked that the CIA contributed data to this. Shades of They Live . ::shiver::

Can you tell its been a little slow in the lab?

According to my friends who visit there quite a bit, most of them are drunk & unemployed, and they have lots of sex but don’t usually get married. Take that any way you want.

Um, other than the unemployment and drunkenness, see above. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now where’s the Joy Map?

That would make a great atlas!

ect. . .

Ha! Canada’s among the happiest in the world!

It’s obviously all my doing, of course… :smiley:
Rather unsurprisingly, South Korea’s not all that thrilled (right next to North Korea, which is tellingly marked grey) and of course, the general area of Iraq and Iran is right out.

Any idea why Malaysia is happier than what appears to be Thailand?

The population of Greenland wouldn’t fill an NFL stadium. And it’s a big country, land-wise. Maybe they just haven’t found anyone to fill out the survey, yet.

Why wouldn’t the Danish happiness be applied to Greenland? Didn’t they return the survey?

Greenland is autonomous (since 1979?) but Denmark handles their foreign affairs. Sounds like a recipe for happy to me. Now if they could just do something about the long winters.

So much for the old meme of depresed, suicidal Scandinavians.

I see. Global warming seems to be working on that.

Is that red dot in the Himalayas Bhutan? Weren’t they the country that, a while back, decided to focus on national happiness? You know, instead of reporting things like gross national product, they were going to measure gross national happiness. If so, well done!

The long winters are when they have nothing to do but sex. Don’t think the Greenlanders would want to miss out on them.