Prune Juice (possible TMI)

I bought some prune juice because it was on sale, drank some, and then got diarrhea. Is prune juice always going to have this effect on me, or will my body get used to it?

Why do you want to drink prune juice?

There’s a reason that little old ladies who are obsessed with their bowel function (I’ve known a couple) drink the stuff.

Not to slam little old ladies. I think it’s a generational thing. Honest.

It was on sale, and it seems to be high in iron (I’m a vegetarian so that can be a concern). I had no idea it was such a strong laxative. 8 hours later and my stomach is still gurgling…

Are little old ladies really able to drink prune juice and have normal bowel function?

Um, not just little old ladies. My mother started drinking it at 50 to keep herself regular.

Prune extract is in many Old-World remedies for constipation. I don’t know what the properties are in it, but it does cause the mail to move.

Here is what one site sad:

And another:

(in regards to changing the name to “dried plums”, which is what they are.

Well, a former boss (male, about 55-60 years old) drank his prune juice pretty much every morning to keep himself regular. As far as I know (hey, I was the only woman in an office of men, so they didn’t necessarily tone down commentaries about bodily functions around me) it worked. From what I remember, he drank around 8 ounces in the morning.
For actual cites…

This page suggests:

This article (abstract available free) also looked at the potential health benefits of prunes/prune juice including the laxative effect.

I never asnwered this question. It will most likely always affect you, but this is only personal experience.

I have never been affected by prunes this way, to my mother’s relief when she caught me eating her prune extract straight out of the jar. (What can I say, it was sweetened with honey and it was good? Teens will eat anything.)

The idea being that without things like prune juice, old people tend not to have normal bowel movement.

I do know that my great-grandmother was very concerned with being regular. And I know prune juice was at least sometimes involved. I don’t understand that level of concern, but prunes do the job for almost everybody.

Umm… if you asked this of my doctor, his first response would be to ask you:

“Exactly how much prune juice did you drink?”

I think little old ladies drink dainty little 4oz juice glasses of the stuff.

For a reason. Prune juice is a beverage that demands respect.

For a real treat, try mixing some with a shot of Jagermeister.

They are high in fibre yet they act as a laxative? how does that work exactly?

Fiber IS what laxatives are all about, at least in natural terms. Fiber is the scrapy stuff that cleans your bowels as it moves through.

I haven’t had prune juice since I was a little kid, when my mom would use it on us from time to time. And every time, I would have an ass-plosion, a connection I did not make until I was older. But there it is.

  1. “I bought some prune juice because it was on sale.”
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