PS2 vs. PC games: Need Advice

I’ve been an avid pc gamer for a while, and im 32 years old. I tend to like action games with more cerebral content - rogue spear and other stuff like thief, age of empires, and various adventures. I’d love to know, how is PS2? I understand they have better driving and fighting games, are they good? Anyone like ps2 better than pc? Any help would be appreciated.

Let me prefix my remarks by saying that i have had very little experience with Playstation stuff in any form, so I am not expert in the field…

The general rule consensus is that dedicated gaming platforms such as PS2, Sega, Nintendo and the forthcoming MS box, when compared to PC’s, have the advantage of being totally aimed towards the gaming experience. This means that they can optomised for graphics excellence and speed, because they don’t have to cater for the myriad of situations and applications that PC’s do.

So, in a nutshell, you get more bangs per buck from an averge PS2 than you do from an average PC, for the equivalent game.

The big advantage a PC has over a console is that a PC can be upgraded, consoles can not. That PS2 is hot now, but in 2 years it will be almost ready for the trash heap while new consoles are coming out.

Off to IMHO.

ok if you like fighting sports action rpg ie zelda and fps ie doom ect go for a ps2

if you like games like civ2 mechwarrior sim city flight and any type of simulation go for a pc and also rpgs tend to be more prevalent

ps2 has also more type of kids games like spyro the dragon,crash bandicoot ect
they just make more adult and deeper games for the pc
but also the thing thats good about a pc is most games if ya know a little programming you can make your own lvls and scnearios for games has almost a industry based on this do it your self gaming
also ps2 dosent have any online gaming and wont for about 6 months to a year if at all
just some things to think about

Okay, to begin with, keep in mind that you’re probably going to be wanting a computer anyway, for typing, business work, and surfing the 'Net.

Beyond that, you can get a computer, for about twice the cost of a PS2, that is more powerful than the console (this cost doesn’t include the monitor). For thrice the cost of a PS2, you can get a system that will completely blow the PS2 out of the water.

I’ve never seen ANY consol, ever, which has games that surpass the quality found on a PC. For starters, consol systems generally have much lower resolution on their games (if you’re using a regular TV, it’s 320X240… if you’re lucky enough to have a higher-defition TV, I think PS2 can get as high as 800X600).

Additionally, while games for the PS2 gain some performance by being specifically designed for the consol (as opposed to PC games, which have to be programmed to be flexible), they lose some performance by not being able to install the data onto a local hard drive.

And, finally, you just can’t get any degree of customizability on the PS2. How many patches for a game can you download? Mods? Add-ons? How many of your own little program quirks can you import? With any consol system, you’re always going to be stuck with your little silver disk (with a POSSIBLE exception of the X-Box, due to its built-in hard drive… although I doubt it).

So, for any truly hard-core gamer, it’s PC all the way. Consols are like “Gaming Lite”, for those who don’t want to invest $150 for a GeForce-2 video card…

“And, finally, you just can’t get any degree of customizability on the PS2. How many patches for a
game can you download? Mods? Add-ons?”

Plenty, you can download saves & codes for the PS2. You can get a keyboard for it too ($19.95). It plays dvd’s too, so it won’t be out of date. You can put in a hard drive later & go online. There is a lot of ports it can use. Its tons smaller than a PC too & can use a 50" tv monitor, unlike the PC.

There is no mod community handy. Most new games are crap right now so mostly I would go for old games.

For cereberal games I would say PC is mostly better. All RTS games on console are crap as they don’t work on a game controller. If you like things like thief and AOE I would suggest starcraft and Deus Ex. I haven’t played rogue spear but I think if you crossed it with thief you would get Deus Ex.

Consoles are better at sports games, rpgs, and kiddy games. Basically the more casual gamer. The fact that you can’t patch the games is a big plus:) The bad part is no mods. The only real reason for a hard core gamer to buy a PS2 is for squaresoft.

Sterra wrote:

Overall, I’d say PCs are better for RPGs. Console-style RPGs, which are unfortunately invading the PC market, leave a lot to be desired for the hardcore pen-and-paper crowd. They feature very linear stories, and appalling stat inflation.

Handy, you can plug any TV into a computer if you have a digital/analog TV out port.

I don’t think that a console will come out with a game that has the depth of Deus Ex for a long time, excluding ports. And the PC has some incredible games coming out: Medal of Honor, Star Wars Galaxies, Max Payne, and Deus Ex 2 (!)

Any opinions on Bleem!?

I’ve found one game that I like a little better on PS than on PC: Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. I like the circiut tracks better than the straight-line tracks that the PC has, I have better control on the PS and I believe the PC version has some cars missing (924).

Well, it works fine (usually) but I question the reason for buying an emulator to run the games of a $90 console that would arguably be more fun to play on the big screen of a TV.

Wouldn’t it make a bit more sense just to buy a PSone?

Dear God, don’t mess with Bleem. The software mode is worse than VGS, and less compatible. Plus, it’s incredibly annoying to use (splash screens galore) and the sound sucks compared to Connectix VGS. The hardware mode has SERIOUS speed throttling problems. I own both, and I recommend CVGS whole-heartedly. On top of that, Bleem requires you to use a key disk, so you have to do double the disk swapping to get anything to work.

It’s NEVER updated, even though the code barely qualifies as beta quality.

The thing I like about VGS is that it flat out works. You don’t have to really worry about compatibility or tweaking. Just get the game, put it in, click the icon and you’re off.

If you want to hardware-acceleration on your PSX emulators, ePSXe is starting to look good. Sound is still pretty dodgy, but you really have to see Tekken 3 and Soul Blade running on it. Amazing.

Bahahahaha…oh, god. “Two years?” “trash heap?” Bahahahah!

This was a good one. Love when google takes you to a more than decade year old thread with people’s “predictions.” Even more hilarious is the heading to this forum/site…

“Fighting Ignorance since 1973”

Seriously. I still have my PS2, still play on it, and you can pry it from my cold dead hands. And I play lots of games on Steam, and own a 360, so I am not anti-PC or anything.

I’ve seen worse reasons to bump a 14-year old thread, but not by much.

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