PS3 Fat or PS3 Slim? New or refurb? (Need answer fast!)

Mods, I put this in IMHO since this is more of an electronics question than an actual game. If it belongs in GR, feel free to move it.

I’ve had God of War III on reserve since November, and bought it the day it came out, but have not been able to play it due to lacking a PS3.

So today I finally have enough money left over after bills to get my PS3. I can’t decide, though, between the fat and slim, and if I go fat, if I should get a refurbished piece.

I’ve done some research today and other than hard facts, I haven’t found many opinions one way or the other. What I do know:

[li]PS3 slim is smaller, cooler, quieter, and uses less energy. A huge plus.[/li][li]PS3 slim is not backward compatible. PS3 Fat is.[/li][li]PS3 slim doesn’t have a card reader. PS3 fat does.[/li][li]PS3 fat has a nicer shell design. The PS3 slim exterior looks a bit cheap, and as one website described, “looked like a Chinese rip-off of Sony’s PS3.”[/li][li]I can get a refurbished PS3 fat for cheaper than a PS3 slim, but not that much cheaper.[/li][/ul]
I’m also afraid that if I get a refurbished PS3 fat, it’ll break in a month and I’ll have no recourse. Does anyone have an opinion? Please tell me!

I have a 60GB fat boy, with all the bells and whistles. But still, if you can live without PS2 compatibility, I think the slim would potentially be the most reliable and cheaper to operate. You can pick up a cheap USB card reader if that’s a big issue. And you’ll probably need a USB hub either way, I have 4 USB ports and they’re always full, I have to swap things around from time to time.

Not all PS3Fats are backwards compatible. In fact most of them are not. Make sure it is one of the models that is before you make your decision.
PS3 Wiki Chart

You’d be surprised by how little you use backwards compatibility. Although, it is nice to have. I have played the original GTAs a few times. The card reader is pretty neat to take a look at pictures. (Also, check the chart to make sure it is a Fat with the card reader.)

I would go with the slim as much as I love the card reader and the occasional GTA. I just like the idea of a quieter, more energy efficient system. Also, I am annoyed when companies don’t give a significant discount when you are buying something used when you compare it to the item’s price as new. (For instant Game Stop selling previously used games for 45 when they are 50 new Guh?)

It sucks to hear that the slim exterior isn’t nice. I haven’t seen one in person.

I have a launch PS3 that’s backwards compatible and I really never use that feature at all. I suppose it depends on what kind of gamer you are. I thought I’d find backwards compatibility to be really handy, but… not so much.

My 80gig fat PS3 just blew out its blu-ray, so I’m finding this relevant to my interests. Apparently I can get it fixed for $170… or I could buy a newer, more efficient, slimmer model for a little over twice that. Of course, if I do that, I don’t know what I’d do with the original.

Decisions, decisions…

The PS3 forum at amazon has near-daily reports of 60gb PS3s dying. It’s still a pretty small sample size, but I’d go with a brand new unit if I were you.


Agreed. I’ll leave this right here. Thanks.