PS3: won't read game discs

Playing Kane & Lynch earlier today, the game froze and I had to reboot. There was a system update waiting for me, so I ran it. Now the PS3 doesn’t appear to recognize it’s got a game disc in it. I tried several different games.

I’m off to search the tech support forums and such, anybody got any ideas to save me some time?

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It knows there’s a game there, because the little swirly loading icon appears in the top right corner of the screen. It doesn’t go past that, though.

The same thing happened to me. I think the disc reader is broken. I had to send it in to SONY for a replacement (free, thankfully). The whole process took a month, and only works if you still have a warranty, so good luck

Yeah, it’s under warranty. I’ll have to find my receipt, tho. It took them a month to replace it?

I’m reformatting it now, hoping it’s a software glitch.