PS4 best driving games?

Finally got around to buying one. GT7 ain’t out yet so what do people recommend as the best driving game for PS4? Project Cars any good?

Need for speed rivals is on sale dirt cheap at the moment. Worth picking up? I know its not a simulation but could be fun.

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Hmm, Project CARS gets great critic reviews but poor user reviews on metacritic. Anyone played it and got comments? Drive Club seems like it might be worth picking up if its on special cheap enough. But looks like I have to wait for Gran Turismo Sport next year for the real meat.

Need for Speed: Rivals is an excellent arcade-style racer. If you can pick it up cheap, I’d do it.

Yep, will do but at the moment I’m having too much fun with Just Cause 3 including the racing mini games. Not exactly a sim racer but the completely open map, and the landscapes are amazing!

I played Need For Speed Rivals on PS4 while I waited for GTA5 to come out, and thought it was a lot of fun.