PS3 Racing Games Recommendations?

Previous Playstation incarnations had games like JetMoto I and II and ATV Off-Road Fury that I enjoyed, much more so than NASCAR or street-racing only games. I just downloaded the demo for Motorstorm Pacific Rift and love it, may pick that up soon. Any other suggestions? I’m thinking about browsing at the local Gamestop the next day or two.

Blur. Think Mario Kart but with real cars in realistic settings. The game is absolutely great.

You’d also probably enjoy the Wipeout series.

If you want the more “realistic” arcade racers I’d look at Burnout, the new Need for Speed that’s coming out soon, and possibly Split/Second

Burnout: Paradise City. Excellent online play, and a lot of DLC if you’re into that sort of thing.

Split/Second is ok, but the novel gameplay elements only serve to reinforce that you’re essentially on a fixed track - whereas Burnout has an open feel I quite like.

There’s Midnight Club: Los Angeles if you like that sort of thing.

I may pick up the original Motorstorm, it looks like its available real cheap at Gamestop like places. I prefer the off-road racing format for some reason.

I have that Motorstorm. It’s pretty good - I like the difference between it and the standard fare. You might want to download the Wipeout demos and see if you like them. They have the added bonus of you never having to get off the couch to put the disc in…

You can’t go much wrong with Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rift I think. I loved it - loads of beautiful and varied tracks that still look awesome even after you’ve played something like God of War 3. :wink: They look even better in Dusk and Dawn settings (all tracks have several time of day settings), and it has up to four player split-screen too as well as 16 player online. Only thinks I didn’t really like in the game too much were the speed trials and near the end of the campaign I thought the difficulty got a little too hard. You should be able to get MS2 for cheap if you look around, and you don’t really need more than this one. The original is fun too, but MS2 is much better. Get MS1 if you still want more after you got MS2, not the other way around.

Some people also liked Pure, it’s main rival at the time of Motorstorm 2’s release, which I personally didn’t enjoy a lot but got pretty decent reviews. It was made by the team who recently brought out Blur’s main rival, Split Second. For what it’s worth, I don’t think either of those latter titles seems to be what you’re looking for.

Instead, going by Jet Moto you may either like Wipeout HD or Modnation Racers. Both have demos I think although with all the features Modnation has you may want to check out some of the additional track styles on youtube. It features a wonderful track editor and again also up-to four player split-screen, online play, custom cars, avatars, etc.

For Wipeout HD, if you get that, get the expansion pack also, because I think that’s a marked improvement of the original game that double’s the game’s size - you may get and probably doesn’t cost you much extra.

These should last you a fair while, but if you need more come back here. :wink:

7 posts in, and nobody’s mentioned Gran Turismo 5 Prologue? The full GT5 should be out before the end of the year. I forget if GT4 is playable on the PS3…

I’m probably the biggest GT fan on this forum, but he specifically indicated that genre was outside his interest.

I only have the PC version but Fuel on PS3 should be worth 9 bucks.

After downloading the demo for the original Motorstorm and not being as impressed as I was with the sequel, I got Motorstorm: Pacific Rift off eBay for 15 bucks w shipping, half off the cost at GameStop. I appreciate the suggestions!

I came in here to recommend Pacific Rift and trust me, if your tastes are as close to mine as they sound, you will not be disappointed. Fantastic game. Enjoy!

I downloaded the Blur demo the other day and it is pretty fun. I may buy the full version but the demo is definitely worth downloading.

I got in a couple races last nite. Seems promising so far.