PS4 owners. Help please.

How the hell do I remove things from that main horizontal strip of icons on the dashboard? There’s all kinds of shit I will never use but I don’t see a way to remove them from the main page. Like the showroom, sony music, sony video. All games just drop into that line and are there unless I delete them, which I don’t want to do.

I can’t imagine why they would have made things this way. Is there a way to take control of this thing?

I don’t think there’s a way to remove icons without deleting the software. One of the most requested features for an update is the ability to better organize games on the dashboard. If you have 20 games, you’ll have 20 icons to scroll through horizontally . PS3 was like that vertically but had limited sorting capabilities(folders).

I thought you were getting an X-Box One, though.

Not enough P’s in the Xbone :wink:

I was wondering this myself after struggling for a while to find an interface options control on the PS4. I see it getting horrendously clumsy once I even get a few more games.