PSA: Back Up Your Computer. Again.

I’m pretty meticulous, so I think the chances of me accidentally deleting any really important files are damn close to zero.

However, I do recognize that hard drives crash spontaneously (and have experienced it first-hand). Plus hell, I could get robbed or have my apartment complex burn down. And that’s why cloud storage is a beautiful thing.

Dropbox gives you 2GB free - not enough to back up a whole system but enough for some of your most important stuff. Very useful service for syncing files between computers too. They also have a referral program that gives you an extra 250 MB of permanent space (both to you, as the signee, and the person who referred you). So please let me know if you are interested in signing up and I’ll give you my referral link.

What does it take to use internet connectivity to automatically maintain a backup for your home computer to a personal external hard disk plugged into your work computer?

I agree one should have a backup outside of the house, and since many of us actually maintain computers in multiple buildings, it should just be a question of software!