PSA - Shows double standards towards domestic violence

Contains foul language PSA

They all probably thought:
[li]What did he do ?[/li][li]He probably deserved it[/li][li]She can’t hurt him physically anyways[/li][li]That’s some funny shit.[/li][/ul]

No wonder men don’t come forward.

I wonder how that would have played out with two men…or two women…


My ex wasn’t violent but if she wanted an argument, well damn it, we were having one whether I wanted one or not. One of later classics was for putting hot sauce on a tv dinner.

Gotta give that sandwich eater credit. Nothing comes between him and his sammich.

Great advert, but does it ever get played anywhere? Not in the US, that’s for sure. We get PSAs telling men to teach their sons not to grow up to be abusers even though the vast majority of abused and neglected children are in the hands of women.

That’s a good commercial, and it shows an important point about violence.

We’re too casual about violence in general, in my opinion.

Got a cite for that?


Children of single parents are more likely to be abused or neglected and most single parents are mothers.

Yeah, film at 11 and all that. I was mildly annoyed by some posters I saw at my son’s school and elsewhere, just because those targeted at girls basically said “This is abuse. Don’t stand for it” and those targeted at boys said “This is abuse. Don’t do it”, with no suggestion that emotional or verbal abuse (which is what was being described in the posters) could ever run in the other direction.

The school where I work does have these up in the Special Ed unit along with some that do indeed make the other half of the case, but guess which ones are professionally printed and which ones are handwritten? :dubious:

If it were 2 women the men would have stuck around to watch, hoping for a good cat fight.

Oops missed the edit window.
I think the reason this advert doesn’t work is that women can relate to not being listened to by a man. Also, he is manhandling her but her abuse is mainly verbal so it comes off as hilarious.

It’s a PSA, what did you expect? Most PSAs are pretty stupid.

She is grabbing him, grabbing his face, shoving him, and I think hits him at least once. It’s not hilarious.

To me -

Part of the problem is that (as in the case here) the man can stop the physical abuse anytime he chooses. So it is a mental block rather than a physical one (not to say that makes the abuse any less damaging of course)

When the roles are reversed - not so much

Yeah, but the other part of the problem is that if he does that, he’s going to get arrested for domestic abuse.

I think the filmmakers missed a trick, with that. After showing all the people smirking at the guy for being pushed around, hit, and pulled by the hair by his girlfriend, have him push her back - and see how quickly all the smirking assholes suddenly want to get involved.